Economic and Social Council

The Economic and Social Council (ECO.SO.C.) is a particular organ of the UN that gather together all Commissions and Special Commission(s). As its name suggests, the ECOSOC is specialized on particular social issues both on the economic and the cultural sides. On the last day, each Commission will bring a resolution to the attention of the ECOSOC members, that will have to debate once more and decide if the resolutions are good or not. Once the voting of the resolution is closed, the President of the ECOSOC will sum up during the GA the main events of the previous working days inside the Commissions and will inform all the delegates on the resolutions adopted by the ECOSOC.
The President of the ECOSOC (generally PECOSOC) is in charge of all the debating procedures and delegates' responsibilities inside the Commissions. He is an highly experienced chair and runs the debates the last day during the ECOSOC meeting. The PECOSOC, if the circumstances need so, is allowed to overrule the Rules of Procedures of the conference within the Commissions/ECOSOC meeting.

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