General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is probably the main organ of the United Nations, and is the one in charge of approving the resolutions debated by the Committees. During the Opening Ceremony, the GA allows the ambassadors to have a brief speech to public declare their intentions and positions on the main issues on the agenda. On the last day, each Committee will bring a resolution to the attention of the GA members, that will have to debate once more and decide if the resolutions are good or not. If a resolutions passes in the GA, it becomes reality.
The President of the General Assembly is the second high person of the Secretariat after the Secretary General. She is in charge of all the debating procedures and delegates' responsibilities inside the Committees. She is an highly experienced chair and runs the debates the first and the last days. The PGA is the only person allowed to overrule the Rules of Procedures of the conference if needed.

Chairwoman: Elisa Stilo -
Deputy Chairwoman: Ludovica Baggi -
  1. Limitations on private firearms ownership and consequences on international self-defence policies; Report
  2. Ways of better integrating legislation on drones into international jurisdiction to prevent new types of violation of airspace by homemade UAVs; Report
  3. Measures to enforce international arms control, renewing the approach of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, in order to establish a stricter global deterrence treaty on nuclear weapons Report
Chairman: Toprak Sezgin -
Deputy Chairman: Marco Bisceglia -,
  1. Promoting free flow of trade and the de-escalation of international trade wars, with a special focus on the implementation of tariffs and restrictive policies; Report
  2. Public debt and austerity measures in economic policies and their impact on poverty and life conditions; Report
  3. Methods to prevent the economic degradation of LDCs through new sources of energy. Report
Chairman: Sever-Mihai Nastase -
Deputy Chairwoman: Ana Bozic -
  1. Promotion of democratic and equitable international relations, in order to grant human rights and specifically the right to self-determination; Report
  2. Taking measures to decrease the worryingly high rate of worldwide cases of suicide with a particular focus on depression and mental illnesses; Report
  3. Protection of children: from the fight against human trafficking to the right to a peaceful and equitable growth Report
Chairman: Leonardo Landi -
Deputy Chairman: Mihnea-Ioan Florescu -
  1. Addressing Israel's conitnuous violations of UN resolutions Report
  2. The question of Western Sahara Report
  3. Revitalizing UN's media and social media campaigns to improve public awareness in the modern age Report
Chairman: Karn Singh -
Deputy Chairman: Pietro Tamburrini -
  1. Financing the question of the composition of the Security Council; Report
  2. Increasing the participation of women in Peacekeeping missions; Report
  3. Strengthening compliance and accountability in field missions, with special regards to sexual abuse and exploitation cases Report
Chairman: Ipeksu Karaoguz -
Deputy Chairwoman: Maria Teresa Loiudice -
  1. Promotion of an international treaty against climate change, in order to enforce the COP21 Agreement and further implement collective positive action; Report
  2. Measures to ensure the protection of journalists and press in conflict zones; Report
  3. The issue of birth certificate registrations in LECDs. Report